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Zenith Branding DotsZenith Adventure developing products for the recreational sector

Established in the world of engineering within the UK, we have substantial experience in product design and manufacture where we make and test products to ensure that their durability is safe even in the most extreme conditions. We have a special interest in the outdoor market including camping, cycling, watersports, plus much more! If you would like to find out more about our company, then please get in touch.

View & Buy Our Latest Product - Guy-Glo

Guy Glo Package with Product Guy Glo Product on Rope

Guy-Glo is essentially a ‘glow in the dark’ safety product, which can be used for camping and other outdoor activities.  

The concept behind Guy-Glo is to attach it to guy lines staked into the ground, improving visibility during the day and illuminating trip hazards at night.  

Guy-Glo comes in packs of 4 and can be simply folded over guy lines, firmly snapped together, then easily slide into position so that guy lines are clearly visible to passers by.

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