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Guy-Glo is a 'must have' high visibility guy line marker for outdoor activities such as, camping and caravanning, it is used as a visual safety device for tents, awnings, gazebo's and windbreaks, or any item that may need to be secured by guy lines.

By attaching the marker’s to Guy lines, Guy-Glo are clearly visible at all times of day with a ’high viz’ effect and then will glow brightly at night.

Produced with a specially developed high quality uv stabilised polymer Guy-Glo is durable and it won’t fade over time.

During the day, the Guy-Glo recharges itself by absorbing day light; the stronger the sunlight, the brighter and more lasting the glow will be given at night time.

Guy-Glo can also be quickly recharged under a light bulb or torch light if campers arrive in the dark.

The glow in the dark effect is more visible in pitch black conditions where there is no artificial light source present.

Guy-Glo fits most standard guy lines ranging from 2.7mm to 6.0mm diameter. Simply place the guy line in the Guy-Glo, snap shut and slide into position.

The clip is designed to snap shut. Simply follow the instructions, after closing around the guy line make sure to push centrally with the thumbs on the plain half of the product with your fingers underneath; this will aid in snapping the clip together.

Guy-Glo can be gently prised apart and re-shut together time after time. As an added feature, the guy lines can be packed away neatly by winding them around the Guy-Glo marker or can be removed and stored for next use.

instructions for using guy glo

Click here to download our instructions for how to attach Guy Glo to guy lines

Guy Glo Package with Product
guy glo component

Each of pack contains 4 Guy Glo markers and includes an
instruction leaflet for attachment information onto guy lines.

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