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Immerse yourself in the history of Canal Park and the surrounding maritime industry!

Embark on an authentic journey through Duluth’s historic Canal Park with our immersive walking tour! Led by knowledgeable local guides, this experience delves into the rich history of the area, covering architecture, maritime history, lighthouses, industry, and more. Discover the best-kept secrets of Canal Park on this NEW guided tour, offering a comprehensive exploration of its fascinating past. With a total walking distance of 2 miles, this tour is suitable for all ages and abilities. Gain insights into Duluth’s heritage, make meaningful connections, and enjoy an unforgettable walking tour. Ideal for those seeking a unique blend of history and adventure in the heart of Duluth. Book your walking tour now for an enriching exploration of Canal Park’s captivating stories! Keywords: Duluth tour guide, walking tour, Canal Park history, local guides, Duluth walking tour.

Have a group with mobility issues? Check out our private group customization option!